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Aligned Thinking Institute  time management     


Welcome to the Aligned Thinking Institute!
The purpose of the Institute is to provide you with the tools to make it easy to do what most people think impossible:

Align Every Action to what you REALLY Want 

When this happens you can expect:

A quantum leap in motivation,
accomplishment and satisfaction.

As I said, I know that sound impossible.  Ill explain how we can make it happen a little later.

But before I explain how we can help you align every action to what you REALLY want, let me share two more sets of benefits you can expect when you become a member of the Aligned Thinking Institute and put the Aligned Thinking tools in place in your life. 


Benefit Set One

Too much to do! I Never Get Everything done!
Too many interruptions!
Too much stress!

Woody Bliss has one of the most stressful jobs with demanding important people interrupting him regularly.  Woody is the First Selectman (mayor) of the wealthiest town in the richest state in the union, Weston, CT.  Look at the hint he gives related to a solution for the above three challenges:


still helps me live a stress-free life.

       We helped our IBM salespeople, especially the most experienced ones, become more organized and motivated with Aligned Thinking.

       It has been about twenty years since I took the Aligned Thinking Program. As First Selectman, I use the MIN (Most Important Now) Secret every day.  There are many people calling my office.  More than a few want something yesterday.  Using the MIN Secret, asking What is my MIN related to what I really want? keeps me sane and focused.  It helps me give this office my all, and still helps me live a stress-free life.

       People ask me all the time, How can you stand being First Selectman?  I could not do that job.  I could not take the stress.  Or How do you get so much done?  Or How do you keep your priorities straight?  Well, I just smile and tell them about MIN and Aligned Thinking.


For more details of Woody Blisss insights, go to www.SSAinternational.com.  Under Aligned Thinking, click on Benefits For Your Organization.


Benefit Set Two

I have so little control over my life!
Not enough personal or family time!
Life doesnt seem to have much meaning anymore.

Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager, is one of the best know and highly acclaimed management specialists in the nation.


It already has made a difference in my life.

            Over twenty years ago I had the good fortune to take one of Jim Steffens Aligned Thinking seminars. The One Minute Manager had just been published and I was riding the wave of early success. It was an exciting timebut stressful, too. It seemed I always had too much to do, too many interruptions, too little control over my life, and that I wasnt getting enough accomplished. Taking Jims seminar was a turning point for me.  Shortly afterward, I sent him a copy of my book with the following inscription:

To Jim,

Thanks for sharing your wonderful time management system. If The One Minute Manager gets to be #1, the Aligned Thinking process will have played a major role. It already has made a difference in my life!

Best regards,

Ken Blanchard, August 1982


Note in both the above cases, these two very successful people have been using Aligned Thinking for over twenty years. Both testify that Aligned Thinking changed their lives and has continued to do so for over twenty years.  Aligned Thinking has a track record that assures you of positive results. 

The Key Focus

Besides the six benefits in blue above, there are at least 43 more benefits.  You can see a longer list on our website, www.SSAinternational.com - click on What People Say or see the end of this document.

Overcoming the six challenges in blue above is certainly a significant accomplishment.  But these are an effect of the main benefit of Aligned Thinking.  This main benefit is so huge and there are so many side benefit from it that most people dont believe it is possible.  The main result you can expect from Aligned Thinking is to help you meet this mammoth challenge:

Align every action to what you REALLY want!

When this happens, you can expect a quantum leap in motivation, accomplishment and satisfaction.  And, in the process, you will overcome all six challenges listed in blue above.

How To Do The Impossible

If most people believe it impossible to align every action to what you REALLY want, how do your learn the process?  In the past, the way most people have learned how to do it is to attend a two-day seminar.  This is the method Ken Blanchard, Woody Bliss, Woodys IBM executives and people from 140 Fortune 500 companies have used over the years.  And it works!

            If you are interested in this seminar method, you can email me at rjsteffen@SSAinternational.com or call 203-740-8400.

At Last, A Method For Those Too Busy To Invest Two Days

Frequently, those who need the Aligned Thinking tools most, feel they dont have time to take two days out of their busy schedule.  Consistently, those who have bitten the bullet and made the two-day investment in themselves like Blanchard and Bliss both very busy people have been able to change their lives.  Those who dont have time to invest, are suffering from the same problems, I Dont Get Everything Done etc.

What can we do for those who still dont want to take two days off?  Or what can we do for those who dont want the expense and the time investment of traveling? 

The Better Solution

We have just created a series of webinars that teach the essence of Aligned Thinking in five 60-minute webinars.  The benefits jump out at you:

            No travel done at the convenience of your own computer
No two days away from work
   The sessions are just 60 minutes each,
   The time is very convenient: noon until 1:00 PM EST or EDT time.
This give you time to implement smaller pieces after each session.
Sessions two to five act a like follow-up to the previous session.

It Worked But We Wanted More Going From Better to Best???

The series of five webinars worked, but we wanted more.  How can we take what is taught in fourteen hours and teach it in five hours.  By making the exercises done in class completed as implementation activities between the five webinars, it can happen.

However, we again asked the question, could we come up with a radical idea to make your progress easier and more certain? Research shows that when you implement something with a coach, it is much easier and more effective to succeed.  A coach can help you implement real life change easier.  So where is that radical idea?

Wouldnt It Be Great If

Wouldnt it be great if you had your own Personal Coach to guide and motivate you to choose exactly the one or two habits that will help you enjoy all the Aligned Thinking benefits as quickly as possible?  Wouldnt it be nice if, with your input, your Personal Coach created a plan, totally unique to you, so you could build these new habits as easy as possible?   And wouldnt it be motivating if your Personal Coach scored and tracked your progress?

Creating a Wouldnt It Be Great Personal Coach

We though it would not only be great, it would be very helpful and effective.  So we set to work to create such a Personal Coach using the Internet.  This Personal Coach resides in the Aligned Thinking Institute.  As we proceeded, with the help of many, we discovered it would be efficient if this Personal Coach could clearly identify both your strengths and weaknesses. Forget your weaknesses; we found the weaknesses to be growth opportunities.  Your Personal Virtual Coach will help you build on your strengths and implement your growth opportunities as quickly as possible.

Since the average person works best when focusing on just one or two habits at a time, we programmed into your Personal Virtual Coach the ability to select just the one professional habit and the one personal habit that will give you the biggest, quickest return for your time and energy.

Other Discoveries:  To Help You Quickly and Easily

Since the key payoff is the ability to align every action to what you really want, we began to look for simple activities that will help you in this process.  One of these one-minute helps is to review what you want from life and work before you set your priorities each morning.

However, we discovered that less that ten percent people who go to work every day have ever written what they clearly want from work.  And less that five percent have written what is so important in their personal life that they want to get up every day and live life to the fullest for.

The First Really Big Challenge

Further examination showed one of the reasons why so few people have never overcome this first really big challenge of writing what they want from their professional and their personal life: writing what you want from your professional or personal life without coaching is a very difficult activity.  If you sit down before a blank piece of paper to write what you want from work or personal life, it might stay blank for a long time.  So we program your Personal Virtual Coach in the Aligned Thinking Institute to guide you to create both a Work and Personal Life Mission; i.e. help answer the question, what do I really want from life and work?

Using this tool when you are a member of the Aligned Thinking Institute will take you about fifteen minutes to create your Professional or Personal Life Mission.

Just The Beginning

The story above is just the beginning of the Aligned Thinking Institute.  We are regularly refining the Institute to offer you more and more support.  The following is a summary of what you will presently receive by becoming a member of the Institute.

  • You receive the assessment of your present habits of using your time.  This includes:
    • An analysis of how you presently rate on 32 best practice activities.
    • A Personal Virtual Coach that will score your input, graph it and maintain the graph.
    • A tutorial on each of the 32 best practice activities
  • A detailed plan for your personal improvement as an Aligned Thinker including:
    • Your Professional Strengths as an Aligned Thinker
    • Your Personal Strengths as an Aligned Thinker
    • Your Professional Growth Opportunities
    • Your Personal Growth Opportunities
    • Your virtual coachs advice concerning where to start
    • A tutorial related to each habit you wish to improve.
  • Your own personal Home Page
    • This includes your score
    • Access to your work and personal life missions
  • A tutorial related to each of the twenty benefits discussed below.
  • The use of all the tools on your home page including:
    • How to create a Professional Mission in 15 minutes
    • How to create a Personal Mission in 15 minutes
    • How to work smarter not harder setting your daily and weekly priorities
    • How to use the Four Work-Smart Principles
    • You as an Aligned VS Non-aligned Thinker

Your Personal Virtual Coach Always Ready To Help

Your Personal Virtual Coach will be available to you 7/24. 

Added Bonus

We know you are busy, possible very busy.  However, we know that if you stop growing, you are moving backwards.  So each month, as a member of the Aligned Thinking Institute, you will receive another session.  Each session will take you no more than fifteen minutes.  These monthly sessions will keep you fresh and growing in your Aligned Thinking skills.  A two-year curriculum includes the following:



What does
You Can Master Your Time & Life!
mean to you?


Does it mean you want more from your Business Life, like:

  1.  Improved productivity
  2.  Increased satisfaction
  3.  Balancing your mission and goals with those of your manager
  4.  Becoming more promotable
  5.  Decreased stress

     The Aligned Thinking Institute will help you achieve each of these.

Does it mean you want more from your Personal Life, like:

  6.  Improved accomplishment
  7.  Increased satisfaction
  8.  Balancing your business and personal purposes and goals
  9.  Balancing your purpose and goals with those of your significant others
10.  Decreased stress

     The Aligned Thinking, Institute will help you achieve each of these.

Does it mean you want more from Life in General, like:

11.  Increased inner fulfillment and happiness
12.  Building a sense of power over your life
13.  Becoming the master of your time
14.  Defining and reaching your true greatness
15.  Creating your life and work as you want them to be

     The Aligned Thinking Institute will help you achieve each of these.

Does it mean Overcoming Your Time Wasters, like:

16.  Trying to do too many things
17.  Interruptions
18.  Procrastination
19.  Others changing your priorities
20.  Management by crisis

     The Aligned Thinking Institute will help you achieve each of these.

As long as what you really want is reasonable, the Aligned Thinking Process can and will help you achieve what you really want and more.

The key is:

To align every action to what you really want.



What Are These Bonuses Worth???

The real value of these bonuses needs to be measured in terms of the quantum leap you make in motivation, accomplishment and satisfaction.  What value will it be when you make significant progress overcoming:

Too much to do! I Never Get Everything done!
Too many interruptions!
Too much stress!
I have so little control over my life!
Not enough personal or family time!
Life doesnt seem to have much meaning anymore

However, many people like to think in dollar terms.  The following is a partial list of the resources and benefits you will receive from the Aligned Thinking Institute and your Personal Virtual Coach in dollar values.

The Dollar Value of the Resource of the Aligned Thinking Institute

Doing the following for a year:

Assessment of your present habits of using your time unlimited access     $100.00

Create a plan unique to you
- Updating the plan each time you tell Coach you have conquered a habit
- Scoring your habits
- Graphing your score
- Advising you on the next most important habit to focus on

Reminding you each Tuesday of the professional habit to focus on

Reminding you each Tuesday of the personal habit to focus on

Providing a tutorial of each habit you need

Guiding you to create and update your Professional Mission

Guiding you to create and update your Personal Life Mission

Helping you avoid the 5 mistakes of planning your day

Doing all the above 7/24 at less that a dollar a day - $25 a month             $300.00 

Ten monthly sessions of the Professional/Personal Growth Kit
at $10 a session                                                                                       $100.00

                                                                                   Total bonus             $500.00

The Aligned Thinking Institute Bonus

You receive the Aligned Thinking Institute Bonus when you participate in either the Aligned Thinking seminar or the Aligned Thinking Webinar Series.  These resources of the Aligned Thinking Institute make it possible to do the fourteen hours seminar in just five 60-minute webinars.

For immediate information related to seminars or webinars, contact:

Dr. R. James Steffen   203-740-8400

Youll be glad you did!  If you have any doubts about investing five minutes to call or email, read what Diana Waller Genottia, very experienced HR consultant has to say.


The Aligned Thinking Process gives employees the tools they need

As an HR consultant, I find organizations are struggling with work/life balance. The Aligned Thinking Process gives employees the tools they need to take ownership of work/life balance and make it a reality. Everyone wins - the Company, the employee and the family.
Since taking the Aligned Thinking Process Seminar, I have for the first time in my life created both a work and life mission, which has enabled me to keep my MIN (Most Important Now) on target.
                                                                   Diana Waller Genottia, HR Consultant


What Do Alumni Say About Aligned Thinking?

            Several of my associates and I have taken time management courses and, therefore, had certain expectations that I knew a lot of the material.  I was wrong.  This is much more than time management.  Hats off for the wonderful insights.
                                                                             HS CEO
                                                                World Health Foundation

            When you are an Aligned Thinker, you can achieve so much more than you ever anticipated and feel rewarded and self fulfilled by focusing on what it is you really want.
            The program should be modified and presented in high schools.
                                                                             KR Accountant

Helpful process to establish a life of living every moment in a positive fulfilling manner.
                                                                             JS Cancer survivor

Two days well spent.  Helped me realize that my priorities and mission are not selfish but self-caring.  Many useful tools and reinforcements to keep me on track and help me to establish these tools as part of my life.
                                                                             JAB Salesperson

I am so looking forward to aligning my life! This is just what I needed the perfect course at the perfect time.  Thank You!  This should definitely be offered to a wide audience.
                                                                             RD Lawyer

Thank you! This is the best tool and process I have come across for aligning business and personal.
             There is no way to manage time, but to manage your actions this method gives you the understanding of free choice to do that.  Other courses ask you to set you goals and show you how to manage them.  This course teaches you how to figure out what those goals really are!
                                                                             RM Small Business Owner

If you are frustrated with your life and feel overwhelmed I would highly recommend you take the time to attend Aligned Thinking.  You will relieve your pressure and gain control over your life as never before!
                                                                             TM Professional Coach

The seminar exceeded my expectations and was enjoyable too!  I am leaving here really believing its possible to put the Aligned Thinking system into practice.
                                                                             CF Software Programmer

This is more than a time management course; it is a life-changing experience depending upon the amount of time and energy invested.
                                                                             DS Pharmaceutical

This course and its participants energized me and motivated me to reach my goals.  I love the follow-up incorporated into the course to aid in keeping me on track.
                                                                             WS Administration

I was lost with creating a mission statement and goals.  Now I am looking forward to working on both.
                                                                             LM Accountant

This will help me now with my business/personal life balance.  Good stuff.  I wish I had thought about this material early on in my career, about forty years ago.
                                                                             JS Retired
                                                                             Direct Mail Executive

This seminar has provided me with the building blocks to live my dream life.  Ive always looked at my business life and personal life as two different goals.  I now understand how these two must be in tune with each other to live in harmony.
                                                                             CG Full Time Mother and
                                                                             Full Time Manage

The program has opened my eyes up to a better way to manage my business and personal life.
                                                                             JG Service Manager

I came in quite skeptical and now feel empowered with tools to take control of my life.
                                                                             LD, HR Manager

For immediate information related to seminars or webinars, contact:

Dr. R. James Steffen   203-740-8400


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