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Four Sources to Implement the Secrets

Ø Q Quick

Ø E Easy

Ø C Certain


1. Your Personal Virtual Online Coach

2. Class Modules

3. Your Partner

4. Your Personal Coach


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Congratulations on joining Implementing and Enjoying the 9 ½ SECRETS the Most Successful People Use that Others Don’t.  a.k.a. Aligned Thinking Process.

I say process not program.  Programs begin and end.  A process can become a way of life that never ends.  Aligned Thinking can help you enjoy a more successful life for the entire rest of your live.

Registering here makes you a member of the Aligned Thinking Journey. Life is a Journey. And we hope the rest of your life will be the best of your life because you make it that way using the 9 ½ SECRETS and Aligned Thinking.

You have four sources to help you Implement the SECRETS so it is Q,E,C.

These four sources will help make your implementing the SECRETS and building the Aligned Thinking Habit Q – quick, E – easy, and C – certain.

Your first helper is a Personal Virtual Online Coach that is available to you 24/7.  This will begin immediately when you press the submit button below.  Your Welcome page will have your name on it exactly as you want it to be.  This part is entirely personal to you, as you will see shortly.

Part two are the class modules – every member of your class will have access to the same modules. Your Personal Coach will walk through the Introduction to Aligned Thinking with you shortly.

Part three is your partner.  The benefits you receive from working with your own partner are unique.  As you will see, your partner will give you insights, motivation and support that is different from the other three sources.

Finally, you will have your own Personal Coach, who will meet with you regularly.  His role is to pull the other three sources together so you will have the QEC – Quick, Easy and Certain – experience in Implementing the 9 ½ SECRETS and building the Aligned Thinking Habits.

So follow the directions below.  I’ll be on your Welcome page to help you have a QEC running start.